IPI honours Press Freedom activists

IPI honours Press Freedom activists

IPI honoured Eskinder Nega and the Afghan Journalists Safety Committee for their work protecting press freedom
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Ethiopian journalist, Eskinder Nega, imprisoned since 2011 in his home country, was awarded the Press Freedom Hero award by the International Press Institute (IPI) at the organisation’s world congress in Hamburg.

A delegation from Doha Centre for Media Freedom (DCMF) was among the audience at the prizegiving ceremony, where journalists, activists and media experts from across the globe gathered to pay tribute to the brave and pioneering work of their peers.

Nega is one of the Ethiopia’s most prominent journalists and activists, and has won numerous awards for his work for media freedom from behind bars. He is currently serving an 18-year sentence on terrorism charges, which have been widely decried by media organisations as trumped up by the authorities in Ethiopia.

Executive director of IPI, Barbara Trionfi said: “The award was given to Eskinder Nega in recognisiton of his unflinching dedication to the free exchange of ideas and information and his determiniation – at the expense of his freedom and separation from his family – no to remain silent in the face of the Ethiopian government’s cynical attempt to use the fight against terrorism to crush legitimate dissent.”

Trionfi called on the international community to join together to highlight the importance of press freedom in the face of threats such as the Ethiopian government’s use of anti-terror laws to stifle journalists.

The Afghan Journalists Safety Committee was also honoured with the 2017 Free Media Award for its work monitoring and documenting violations against journalists in Afghanistan, as well as providing safety and professional training for media workers with the aim of promoting media freedom and quality, responsible journalism.

“The steadfastness of the Committee for the Safety of Journalists in Afghanistan, and its determination to support journalists despite difficulties, helps to secure and access information, and provides a model of hope and optimism for other communities suffering from conflict and war,” noted Trionfi.










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