Panel Discussion: From Media Revolution to Street Revolution

Sun, 10/04/2011

Northwestern University in QatarFrom Media Revolution to Street Revolution is a panel discussion that examines the impact of commercial satellite television in the Arab world since it was introduced in the early 1990s. Specifically, the event seeks to explain satellite television’s role in the revolutions that are currently sweeping the Middle East and North Africa and what role the medium will play in the future.

The event on April 10 featured renowned media professionals and academics from around the world.

Citizens and media consumers are set to wield more power in media as technology and media consumption habits change, according to a group of media thought leaders who participated in a panel discussion in Doha.

The discussion, “From Media Revolution to Street Revolution: Twenty Years of Commercial Arab Satellite Television” was hosted by Northwestern University in Qatar and was moderated by Al Jazeera English presenter Sami Zeidan. The panelists represented the creative, business and academic sides of media.

Arab audiences have gone from being passive consumers of news that used to be produced only by an elite few to participating in the news-making process, said Rima Karaki, a television host, radio presenter and author.

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