41 journalists dead in Syria

41 journalists dead in Syria

Three Syrian citizen journalists died in Syria in the last six days, and an award-winning Associated Press reporter was wounded.
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Photo of Ayham Youssef Al Hariri killed on June 13th


From North...

The Syrian Network for Human Rights (SNHR) and Damascus Centre for Human Rights Studies (DCHRS) announced the death of 27-year old citizen videographer Ahmad Hamada on Saturday in Homs.

Hamada was killed with his friend by the Syrian regime security forces as he was covering the bombing of an old neighborhood in Homs.

“He was the eye that documented bloodshed, killing and suffering. He risked his life to document turning points in the history of the Syrian revolution hoping that this might revive the pity and conscience of humanity in the world” said the SNHR press release.

A fearless citizen journalist, Hamada had left his work to focus on the revolution coverage. “He documented at least 500 videos on the shelling of Baba Amr, the old neighbourhoods of Homs and the massacres perpetrated in the neighbourhoods of al-Khaldya and al-Shammas in Homs city” said SNHR.

This death occured just a day after amateur photographer and videographer Bassim Darwish was killed in Rastane, a city located in Homs province.

His death was confirmed by local coordination committees and the Syrian Revolution General Commission. Darwish was filming the city being bombed when he lost his life. He had been covering the revolution since the early days and had joined Rastane's media centre. 

… to South

On June 13th another citizen journalist lost his life in the southern city of Daraa.

Walid Rifai from Houran’s coordination committee confirmed the death of 35-year old Ayham Youssef Al Hariri in Houran following the bombing of a street he was walking in.

“Hariri was killed on June 13th by a missile in the Al Sad area as he was filming and helping the wounded” Rifai told DCMF. “Al Hariri had already been injured in March 2011 and had decided to go back to filming street protests and military incursions after his recovery” he added.

Houran’s coordination committee confirmed Al Hariri’s death in a statement published on their facebook page.

An Associated Press journalist wounded

AP announced today that one of their journalists, Belgian videojournalist Ahmed Bahaddou, had been wounded on Friday during a firefright in Northern Syria.

Bahaddou was evacuated to London on Sunday and is said to be in stable condition.

Bahaddou had entered the country illegally on June 2nd via a neighboring country with two other AP journalists. The Syrian regime has granted few visas to foreign journalists since the beginning of the insurrection.

Bahaddou had won  prestigious a Rory Peck Award for his news coverage of the Libyan revolution 

Journalists at threat in Syria

Violence is escalating in Syria following the halt of the UN mission. Reports say bombings intensify in central and northern Syria where at least 50 people were killed on Sunday. According to an opposition activist who spoke to Reuters agency this weekend, "Around 85 percent of Homs is now under shelling or bombardment with mortar rounds and heavy machineguns".

Stories told by foreign journalists who have recently been to Syria highlight danger coming from both sides of the conflict.

On June 8th,  British senior reporter Alex Thompson said he was “lead to a death trap” by Syrian rebels looking to hold the Syrian regime responsible for their deaths.

Syria is the most dangerous country for journalists in 2012. According to the Doha Centre for Media Freedom, 41 journalists died since the beginning of the conflict in March 2011; many more were injured.

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