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Release Date: Wed, 11/10/2017
Release Date: Thu, 24/08/2017
Julian Assange, founder of the Wikileaks tweets: Al Arabiya was making “increasingly absurd fabrications” in the country’s 11-week-long dispute with Qatar.
Release Date: Thu, 24/08/2017
Release Date: Sun, 20/08/2017
The law of "cybercrime" in Palestine has caused a great deal of debate and controversy among journalists and media professionals, especially after the security services in the West Bank arrested eight journalists last week amid the new provision which was approved by President Mahmoud Abbas on July 25.
Release Date: Sun, 20/08/2017
Release Date: Thu, 17/08/2017
Release Date: Wed, 09/08/2017
Al Jazeera marked the Arabs' entry to the global media race, ending the unipolar monopoly of the flow of information, and overturning the region's media norms, vexing autocratic regimes.

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