Journalists Spotlight


Release Date: Wed, 07/03/2012
The DCMF shines the spotlight on Senegal's media.
Release Date: Tue, 06/03/2012
Relations between Senegalese authorities and journalists have improved but there are still a few bumps sometimes.
Release Date: Mon, 05/03/2012
The DCMF reports from Senegal on the media's role, responsibility, safety and future prospects amid heated presidential elections.
Release Date: Mon, 05/03/2012
A second round for Senegal’s election should be officially announced soon but Wade refuses to hear what the press has to say.
Release Date: Mon, 05/03/2012
Our reporter spends an evening in a unique radio station to find out what happens when journalists and statisticians work together for fair results.
Release Date: Mon, 05/03/2012
From the eyes of journalists who covered Senegal's 2012 elections.
Release Date: Sun, 12/02/2012
Two Swiss journalists recount the journey in Syria which led to the killing of their French colleague Gilles Jacquier.
Release Date: Thu, 09/02/2012
A 24 year old Syrian stringer for agencies and international newspapers has been killed in Homs.

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