Journalists Spotlight


Release Date: Tue, 27/12/2011
Libya's young journalists express their views on the media as our training programme begins.
Release Date: Mon, 26/12/2011
The DCMF has launched a television training programme to the future stars of Libya's media.
Release Date: Mon, 19/12/2011
The DCMF training workshop aimed to assist a group of journalists who are getting accustomed to newfound media freedoms.
Release Date: Mon, 19/12/2011
A new crop of journalists was born out of the revolution, but finances are dwindling and care needs to be given to the young reporters.
Release Date: Wed, 14/12/2011
Industry professionals discuss media development during times of transition, particularly in the Arab region.
Release Date: Mon, 12/12/2011
Take a moment to browse through our gallery of the 4th UNAOC.
Release Date: Mon, 12/12/2011
How can the media report on cross cultural conflicts more effectively? The DCMF went to find out at a UNAOC seminar.
Release Date: Sun, 11/12/2011
The UNAOC opening session saw high level officials speaking on the importance of free media for the alliance of civilizations.

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